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Datacolor Spyder 3 Pro - CVS3P100
Serious photographers and creative pros require a high degree of color accuracy, from capturing images, to digital editing and printing, Spyder3Pro™ delivers. This third generation colorimeter comes equipped with new state-of-the-art optical design and photo-centric user interface providing accurate, reliable and consistent color. Spyder3Pro™ gives you more precise control over white point and gamma, new ReCAL option cuts re-calibration time in half and SpyderProof™ function brings you a new level of color control to help you save time, money and achieve color excellence.

  Pantone Huey Monitor Color Correction - MEU101
Designed for calibrating and profiling all types of monitors – LCD and CRT. Each individual package includes a huey measurement device (emission only colorimeter) with ambient measurement capabilities, and software for monitor calibration.

  Pantone Huey Pro Calibration Kit - MEU113
The PANTONE hueyPRO is ready to bring your display to life with a new level of color clarity and precision. Designed with the world’s first built-in ambient light sensor, hueyPRO provides increased color accuracy combined with the ability to calibrate multiple monitors, delivering the solution you need to turn your computer into a digital darkroom. With its customizable Whitepoint and Gamma combinations, enhanced LCD calibration and advanced help, the hueyPRO is the answer to your color needs and the perfect addition to the PANTONE huey family.

Bringing control and consistency to your workflow can be a creative boon, and the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video provides you with tools that allow you achieve more consistent results, quicker, and with more ease. Designed for the professional, non-professionals can also benefit from using this tool with their editing and color correction applications. The pocket-sized hard case is easily carried with you, contains all four test charts, and protects the charts from dirt and fading when not in use.

  X-rite Colormunki Photo - CMUNPH
Designed specifically for wedding, portrait and event photographers—or any passionate advocate – ColorMunki Photo is a completely integrated color control solution to calibrate your displays, projectors and printers; so you get accurate screen to print color matching, every time. Combined with ColorMunki’s included creation and communication tools you’ll have unparalleled control, so you can bring your vision to life… and share it with the world!

  X-Rite Colour Checker Passport - MSCCPP
Superior color results in a fraction of the time! ColorChecker Passport is a powerful ‘capture to edit’ color solution for any photographer looking for more accurate, consistent color and creative flexibility. And when you combine ColorChecker Passport with Adobe Imaging solutions you’ll gain even greater benefits. ColorChecker Passport combines three photographic targets into one pocket size protective, multi-positionable case that adjusts to any scene. Together with the included camera calibration software, you get the ultimate in functionality, flexibility and portability. There are so many ways to incorporate ColorChecker Passport into your Raw workflow. Whether you take advantage of the entire solution, or just a couple of ColorChecker Passport’s many features, you’ll realize improved quality and productivity almost immediately.

  X-Rite i1 Display Pro - EODIS3
Color Perfectionists know that a calibrated and profiled display is a critical element in an efficient digital workflow. Nobody wants to spend hours at their monitor perfecting images only to find that their display wasn’t accurately representing their digital files. What you see on your monitor (or projector) has to match your digital file or you will never be happy with the result, no matter how much time you devote to perfecting it.

  X-Rite i1Display 2 Calibration Unit - MEU103
Working with a calibrated and profiled monitor is essential for professional photographers and designers. The i1Display 2 offers the tools you need to attain high-end, accurate, on-screen color, whether in your own studio or in a collaborative production environment. With i1Display 2, you can precisely measure all types of displays - including LCDs, CRTs and laptops.

  X-Rite i1Display LT Calibration Unit - MEU102
•Swiss-engineered i1Display colorimeter. •i1Match Software with Easy Mode monitor profiling. •Before and After calibration comparison. •Customizable recalibration auto-reminders. •Push Button calibration for leading industry displays. •Removable light head for ambient measurements. •i1Share software for creating, evaluating and communicating color. •Interactive training modules and Digital Pantone Library. •Easy upgrade path to i1Display 2.
results for 'ColorManagement'
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